We Made Our Own Jods! February 24 2017

 Announcing the TJC Elite Show Jods for saddleseat riders

Hello again TJC and equestrian family!  You may have noticed that we’ve been pretty quiet for the past year.

Well here’s why: we’ve been gathering samples, tracking down accessories and testing fabrics and textiles from dozens of manufacturers to design and create the perfect riding jod, and now we need your help to bring them to market.

But first, let’s talk about the jods.

As a trainer, I’ve consistently struggled to find a pair of jods that perform as well on the ground as they do in the saddle. Anyone who either rides seriously, or works with their horses outside of just lessons and showing, will agree that finding a pair of jods that can stand up to the abuse of riding multiple horses a day, cleaning stalls, driving around on a tractor, and stacking hay is the absolute center of their dreams (and sometimes nightmares. You know….the kind where your jods split down the middle in front of everyone).

Our TJC Elite Show Jods are focused on solving the five biggest problems we have all experienced with jods for as long as we’ve been wearing them.

There’s Always Been a Tradeoff in Fabric (Until Now)

Durable yet uncomfortable fabric, or comfortable but easily destroyed - we’ve all faced that decision, right?  We’ve all put our legs in those scratchy, unbreathing, yet unrelentingly durable polyester jods.  Bleach doesn’t even make them bat an “eyelash,” but holy moly are they the worst.  They don’t move with you and somehow they make parts of your legs sweat that you didn’t even know could!

OR you show up to the barn in your glorious, soft and stretchy jods, when you decide to casually perch yourself on a hay bale to talk about how awesome they are and POOF 8 massive holes in the butt area showing just how pink your underwear really is…. The TJC Elite Jod is meant to find the happy medium between these two. The Poly/Cotton/Spandex blend has the durability of those bomb-proof 100 year old polys in the bottom of your drawer, with the comfort, breathability and flexibility of those spandex jods you threw out after one or two uses.

A Waistband That Digs In (or Flops Around)

Nothing feels quite as awful as trying to swing your leg over a horse with the waistband of your jods turning all those important internal organs into porridge. Alternatively, there’s nothing quite like having to deal with the glory of having to stop during your lesson just to pull your jods up because your waistband doesn’t really know where your waist is! The TJC Elite Show Jods have a thick yet soft elastic waistband, which makes these jods feel like a custom fit in the waist.  Not only does it stay put (so no plumber crack incidents) but it doesn’t cut into your sides while you work or ride, making them the perfect pair for all day use.

Flimsy Accessories

There’s nothing like the zipper busting out or the clasps/buttons randomly exploding off your jods so the only thing holding them up/closed now is a safety pin or two (if you can find one in your barn...for some reason I never can).  TJC Elite Show Jods have been equipped with heavy duty YKK zipper and clasps. Meanwhile the inner zipper paneling is made of super soft microsuede to ensure your skin never feels just how heavy duty that zipper is!  No more having your trainer call a timeout in the middle of your class just to tape your zipper closed or paint your hip with hoof black (not even kidding).

Frayed Jod Bottoms

Listen, we all have jods that we have been dragging around the barn, tearing and fraying the bottoms, that we will never throw out because we still love them and don’t care, but why not love your jods AND keep them from looking like you’ve been cursed to slowly turn into a mummy!  Each pant leg of the TJC Elite Show Jods is equipped with a pair of discrete metal snaps to keep your pants from dragging around while you’re working on the ground, but also to allow you to roll them down with ease when you’re ready to mount up!  You also no longer have to keep track of your tie-ups at the show, since those go missing every other show.

(Bonus) Free Shipping and Free Returns

We all know how hard it is to buy jods online.  We, here at TJC have been working to try and solve that problem. Even as a storefront for other sellers, we found it hard to be able to access inventory for our customers to get you the jods you need, when you need them. So with our new venture of the TJC Elite Show Jod, our Free Shipping and Free Returns policy still applies, because you shouldn’t HAVE to just by jods at shows or in a store and you shouldn’t have to feel like you’re being penalized for returning a pair of jods that weren’t the right fit.

You Can Help!

After over a year of design and development, we’re confident we’ve built the last pair of jods you’ll ever need to buy. But we need your help to turn them from a prototype to a product. You can help us do so by checking out our TJC Elite Show Jods Presale, sharing it with your equestrian friends and family, and (if you’re as excited about these jods as we are), by buying a pair or two for yourself.

Click here to check out our presale.