Three Problems Every Parent Has With Jods (and How We Fixed Them) March 02 2017

How we made the perfect pair of Kids Jods

Every day, I'm lucky enough to do what I love for a living - work with horses, and people, and people who love horses. And in training our next generation of equestrian athletes, I've found that parents struggle with the same three things when it comes to finding a pair of jods for their kids.

1. Finding the right size

Every child is different. This fact is obvious, but kids' clothes rarely take this into account. Which is why we made our TJC Elite Kids Show Jods in fifteen sizes, with extra length in the hem of every pair to help you with any of those sudden growth spurts.

2. Finding a fair price

Because children are always growing, we can't spend an arm and a leg on their jods. We're committed to pricing our products fairly, which is why our kids' jods cost 25% less than our adults' jods.

3. Finding a quality product

Even though kids are going to outgrow everything, you want to make sure their jods last a full season. Which is why the TJC Elite Kids Show Jod has the same features as our adults jods - stretchy but durable fabric, heavy duty YKK zipper and clasps and a full suede seat. In a classic style and color, they're perfect for academy shows.


After spending over a year working with manufacturers, we're currently offering TJC Elite Kids' Jods in a limited presale, and we need your help to turn them from a prototype to a product. Check them out here.