Announcing the TJC Elite Athlete Sponsorship Program February 27 2017 3 Comments

We believe that riding is a sport. And like any other sport, equestrianism takes a ton athleticism, talent, smarts, and most of all, hard work.

So given that riding is a sport like any other, why are equipment and apparel endorsements or sponsorships so few and far between for our industry?

We feel like there’s no point complaining about a problem if you’re not going to do anything about it. So not only are we introducing our new TJC Elite Show Jods in a glorious Pre-Sale (shipping early Summer 2017), but we’re also introducing our TJC Elite Athlete Sponsorship Program.

Each year at the close of show season, TJC will be accepting applications for sponsorship, because we believe that athletes that need, want, and strive for the best should get it!  

Some of the amazing perks are:

  1. Becoming the face of TJC: along with other perks, you will be participating in product shoots, web and social content and our advertising campaigns, because what ARE we without our athletes and equestrians?
  2. Advertising budget: any of YOUR ads for the year will be subsidized by TJC. We want it to be known that you were chosen, out of hundreds of applications, to be called a TJC Elite Athlete.  
  3. Swag: the best part of any sponsorship is the swaaaaaaaaag!  Our TJC Elite Athlete (you) will be provided with one free pair of TJC Elite Show Jods, every two months! That’s means six pairs for the season (a value of $720.00 USD).
  4. Resume building: athletic sponsorship, like a scholarship, shows you are serious about our sport (like we are) and that you’re professional enough to garner the support of more than just your parents and friends!

As this year’s show season draws to a close, keep an eye out for an announcement that we’re taking applications for the 2018 season. For now, though, we’d like to announce our first sponsored athlete.

The 2017 TJC Elite Athlete

This year’s sponsored athlete (and face of our TJC Elite Show Jods) is Haley Berget, riding out of Knollwood Farm in Hartland, Wisconsin.

Hayley after ribboning 

Click here to read more about why we chose Haley as our TJC Elite Athlete for the inaugural 2017 season.