My Wife's Brilliant (and Simple) Solution to a Universal Problem March 05 2017

My wife (and TJC co-founder) Lindsay works as an assistant trainer at a horse farm, which means I end up doing my share of housework. And part this housework involves doing the laundry on weekends. Every time I do the laundry for our little household, there's inevitably at least one load of jods.

A load of mud-and-shavings-covered, worn through, beat-to-bits jods.

I say this not (entirely) to complain, but rather to give some context. Because inevitably, these jods are always worn through in one place before any other: at the hem.

Why Hems Wear Through First

When I visit Lindsay at the barn, I notice that ratty-bottomed jods are the standard. Everyone - from academy riders at practice to the trainers walking the middle of the ring - wears a pair of jods with a muddy and faded hem at best, and a threadbare hem of tattered threads at worst.

The reason this happens is obvious - jods are riding apparel, and if you want a pair of jods that look long through the leg when you ride, they're inevitably going to drag when you're on your own two feet.

The Solution: Rear, Matte Clasps

Lindsay's solution was simple but elegant - a pair of black matte clasps on the back of each leg. The clasps simply snap the rear cuffs of our TJC Elite Show Jods in place while you're walking around the barn, and easily unclasp when you mount up.

TJC Elite Jods - rear clasps detail

And you know what's amazing? Ever since Lindsay has started working in TJC Elite Show Jods, I've noticed during laundry days that her jods aren't ratty and full of shavings.

Over a Year in Development

As we were perfecting our TJC Elite Show Jods, we developed a handful of prototypes specifically getting the clasps exactly right. We tried everything from tie-ups (kept losing them in the wash) to magnets (which couldn't stay stuck) before settling on a simple, elegant matte black clasp.

If you (or the equestrian in your life) are looking for a pair of jods that won't wear out at the hem mid-season, then order a pair of TJC Elite Show Jods - now available in a limited pre-sale!