Our Story

We Believe...

That riding is not a hobby. Riding is a sport, a passion, and (when we’re lucky) a career. Jods are performance wear and utility apparel; gear for professionals and for athletes. They should feel comfortable and supportive when you’re riding, and sturdy when you’re working in a hayloft or a stall.

We can help our customers find the right jods, every time. Buying jods should be easy, but finding a pair that fits, suits and feels right can be tough. That’s why we work with you to find the perfect pair of jods.

We will always provide an outstanding customer experience. We’re fortunate to be a part of the equestrian community, and in return, we promise to be the best community members we can, and treat our customers with fairness, honesty and integrity.

In selling jods and accessories at fair prices. It’s expensive to be an equestrian. But our vision for the equestrian industry is one that’s open to more people, not less. We hope that by fairly pricing our riding apparel and accessories, we can help make that possible.

In being a good partner. We’re fortunate enough to work with vendors who share our values. We promise to treat our vendors as we treat our customers, with fairness, honesty and integrity.

Our Team

Lindsay Shearman

Lindsay Shearman riding a saddlebred horseLindsay Shearman has been involved with the Saddlebred Industry since the age of 9.  She has competed at every level possible and in almost every division.  Lindsay's love of the American Saddlebred has driven her to give back to the community that has given her so much joy.  Currently, Lindsay serves as a Committee Member for the NHS "Good Hands" Finals Committee as well as has been recently nominated to be one of the youngest Board of Directors on the Mid-America Horse Show Association Board.  Lindsay hopes to revolutionize the Saddlebred industry by professionalizing our outward facing appearance.  While Lindsay thinks that there couldn't be more impressive professionals in this industry, we have a tendency to forget to market to people that don't know what Saddleseat and the Saddlebred are.  This has Lindsay hoping to increase our industry's internet presence by modernizing all marketing tools and presenting the elegance and beauty of our industry and breed to those who don't yet know we exist!

Tom Shearman

Tom Shearman content marketing manTom Shearman oversees marketing for The Jodhpurs Company. He started working in content marketing before 'content marketing' meant anything. He's directed content marketing campaigns for brands from the midmarket to Fortune 500 level. As a founder of The Jodhpurs Company, Tom wants to bring the highest standards in retail and eCommerce to the equestrian industry. He has been following the Saddlebred industry since he worked out it was a way to get into Lindsay's good books, but he was truly sold as soon as he saw William Shatner fly around Red Mile in Lexington in a jog cart. Tom also recently learned to post.

Dan Fries

SEO consultant and The Jodhpurs Company co-founder Danny FriesDan Fries works behind the scenes at The Jodhpurs Company to make sure everything runs smoothly from a technology perspective. He is a search engine optimization specialist and entrepreneur who has founded two online businesses. As an SEO consultant, Danny helps businesses of all sizes be found online and connect with their audiences. His strength lies in understanding search behavior on a fundamental level, and combining this understanding with his own knowledge about search engine optimization. Danny believes that SEO is a part of the daily operations of online marketing, and important for any business looking to grow its online presence. He loves to travel, and is currently living in Asia. With family in Lexington, Kentucky, Danny was fascinated with horse racing from a young age. While he enjoys SEO consulting, he truly loves building online businesses and delivering happiness to customers around the world.