The Three Secrets to Surviving a One-Horse Class August 11 2015 2 Comments

The three secrets to winning a horse show where you're the only rider

So you’re getting ready for your class when horse show management announces class numbers and you hear it…. “1 entry.” The exact number of entries no one wants for their class. Not only does it sort of suck because it’s an automatic win, but it also sucks because every single move you make will basically be trumpeted across the arena, because all eyes are on you! Well, while we should always be grateful for an opportunity to get in the ring, be it alone or in a class of 20, here are three tips to surviving the dreaded one-horse class.

Keep Calm

Getting too into your head about the fact that all eyes are on you will most likely throw your brain into fully loaded nuclear meltdown!  Avoid this by doing some breathing exercises or following your regular horse show routine. Why should a one horse class be any different than a class of 20 in terms of your goals as an equestrian?  It shouldn’t. So do your best to treat it the same emotionally!

Take it seriously

Even though you are basically guaranteed a win here, put as much effort into this as you would in a larger class.  Don’t slump your way through the class and get sloppy because you know it’s in the bag. Treat each class, the horse show officials, and the spectators with the respect they deserve and put your heart into it! Just like you would in any other class. If being alone doesn’t make you nervous, don’t let being alone make you arrogant either.

Enjoy yourself

While we all love the thrill of making big cuts and passes down the rail, the thrill of a roaring crowd for a giant class of beautiful animals, this is a rare opportunity for you to showcase yourself and your horse when you KNOW people will be paying attention to you!  After all, a show is a show is a show and we are in it for the learning, the equestrianism, and let’s face it, the little bit of glamour we all feel on the back of a show horse, so let your glamour flag fly and SHOW!

Have you ever had something go seriously wrong in a one horse class?  Tell us about it in the comments down below!