Workout Wednesday: A Quick and Dirty Equestrian Leg Day July 08 2015

Why bother?

If any group of people need to make sure they don't skip leg day, it's equestrians. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way, which means you'll occasionally spend a few weeks without having a chance to ride. After as little as two weeks off, however, your muscles can begin to atrophy and your strength will slip. Which means that when you get back on your horse, you'll not only feel rusty, but the muscles in your legs and back will be weaker for the time off.

So here's a quick and dirty leg day workout you can squeeze in around whatever you're doing, no matter where you happen to be.

How do I do it?

Follow this simple and awesome workout from Neila Rey.

Great leg day workout for horse riders

Tip: if you want to put a twist on it to help you maintain the inner thigh strength you need for gripping your horse, then switch out the set of squats at the beginning for plie squats:

When do I do it?

This is a great standalone workout (following a warm up), or you can do it at the end of a strength training session.