Workout Wednesday: Your Day-Before a Show Workout June 24 2015

Why bother?

When you're gearing up for any athletic event, whether you're running a marathon or showing your horse, making sure you take good care of your body is an essential part of your preparation. Here's why a short, easy workout is a good idea for the day before a show:

  • You'll prime your body to perform at peak level. Your neuromuscular coordination can begin to deteriorate - or improve - in literally a single day without exercise.
  • A light workout will increase the blood flow to your muscles, keeping you loose and flexible.
  • You'll relieve the tension that you inevitably get when you're sitting around, because when you're getting nervous, it feels so much better to do something!

How do I do it?

Any light cardio workout will do, but I'm a fan of doing a 20-minute run, with 4-6 bursts of higher-intensity intervals, of around 20 seconds each. However, you could just as easily use a stationary bike or elliptical if you'd prefer a lower-impact workout. Once you're done, do a light cooldown like the one below:

Do you have any 'day before' tips or traditions that help prepare you for a show? Let us know in the comments below or over at our Facebook page.

Image from Flickr.