Workout Wednesday: Get to the Next Level with this Full Body Cardio Workout April 01 2015

Why bother?

Because it’s been a long, long (long) winter, and maybe you’re a little puffed when you get done walking up stairs. And if you’re going to get show ready, you need to be fit. We’ve already talked about the benefits of Tabata and other High Intensity Interval Training, and this full body circuit from darebee combines the cardio benefits of HIIT with a full body muscular workout.

How do I do it?

Do a minute of intense exercise for the workouts below, following each minute of exercise with a minute of rest.

One and one high intensity interval training workout

As you work through each exercise, make sure you pace yourself early on so that you aren’t a limp noodle by the middle of the workout. If you feel like you have anything left in the tank as you approach your last few exercises, be sure to put in some extra effort on the climbers and pushups so you’re spent at the end.

When should I do it?

Unless you’re very fit, this workout is likely to really push you, so it’s going to be best to approach it as a stand-alone workout, or at the end of a weights session. Make sure that you do a quick dynamic warm up before getting started.