Why We’re Now Offering Free Shipping and Free Returns on Jods and Accessories March 23 2015

Here's why we're offering free shipping on all jodhpurs and horse show acessories

Good news everyone! We’re now offering free shipping and free returns on all of our jods and accessories. Here’s why we’re doing it:

It’s tough to find a great pair of jods

One of our commitments to our customers is to help them find the right jods, every time. This is harder than it sounds. We want to make sure that our customers can order a few pairs of jods so they can find the styles the love and sizes that fit just right, and send back the jods that don't.

We think people need more jods

Far too many of us ride in jeans. Far far too many of us are being perpetually stabbed in the waist by the tiny plastic tines in the waistband, have safety pins holding up our zippers or have duct tape holding the inseam of a severely worn out pair of jods together. You shouldn’t have to wait until you’re at a horse show to buy a pair of jods. Because the internet!

We want to open the industry up to more people, not less

Sadly, most of the horse shows you go to will have a lot of empty seats in the stands. We think that part of the reason this happens is because it is very, very expensive to be an equestrian. We believe that our sport should be open to more people, not less. Fair prices on jods and accessories, with free shipping and free returns are our small part of that.

We may be shooting the moon on this one, sure, but we’re proud to be trying.