The Top 7 Horse Commercials of All Time in the Universe Ever Maybe February 01 2015

As equestrians, we love nothing more than photos, videos, commercials, TV shows and movies about horses (though secretly we sometimes hate them because of the terrible “riding” the actors do).  Seeing as today is Superbowl Sunday, and seeing as how I personally care more for the commercials than the game itself, I thought to myself, “huh, I wonder how many commercials there are with horses in them.” So in between commercial breaks (sounds ridiculous - I know) I scoured the internet for some horse-focused commercials.  Here is a definitive ranking of the top 7 horse commercials in the universe ever maybe:

7. Diet Mountain Dew’s “Horse Show”

Because sometimes when you’re supposed to do it one way, it feels right to do it another way.  Having a horse hitting a “sick grind on that rail” or doing a double fly over (of sorts) is like the rock out, let your hair down, Mountain Dewiest idea of a horse show ever, and I kinda like it.

6. Central Beheer’s “We Bought the Wrong Horse”

No words. Just perfection.

5. OPI’s “The Instinct of Color”

This commercial is not only dripping with fierceness and girl power, it has some awesome CGI horse tap dancing in it. Perhaps the only reason that it’s at number 5 and not higher is just that, the CGI.  While we can all appreciate the highlighting of the grace and elegance of a horse and a little friendly competition between that equine glory and the different styles of dance shown, I WANNA SEE THE REAL THING.

4. Longine’s “Horse Racing”

This beautifully shot video, which methodically traces the life or “journey” of a race horse, was totally captivating.  It was such a beautiful representation of the natural power of these animals that I couldn’t help but find my jaw a LITTLE bit dropped. HOWEVER, it didn’t really have a message, and as a piece of marketing, I found it lacking. Kind of wondering, was this just a cool video about horses? I mean cool if it is…. I just wanna know what I’m looking at here ya know? Cuts to a Longines watch face were symbolic of the methodical progression of their training? Or the metronome like gait of the thoroughbred? See!? I don’t even know, but gosh it was beautiful.

3. SourceS RosporT’s “Source of Life”

This video is everything the Longines video ISN’T.  Excluding the fact that they both have beautiful cinematography in common.  This video highlights horses while simultaneously embodying something as simple as water - though, the entire time, you are meant to feel as though you are listening to the voice of this powerful animal. I’m not sure if the ultimate point was that water and horses are pretty similar in characteristics? Or just a trick to get all of us horse lovers obsessing over this video…. but whatever it was, I’m totally on board.

2. Budweiser’s 2014 Superbowl Commercial, “Puppy Love”

While we may be horse people, the line between “horse person” and “dog person” is incredibly thin…. like often invisible thin…I mean like usually doesn’t even exist thin (I have 2 dogs and that’s still not enough).  Puppy love was an ADORABLE representation of two different companion animals forming a companionship of their own and we, freaking, LOVED IT.

1. Budweiser’s 2015 Superbowl Commercial “Lost Dog”

We know we know, total copout to have two Budweiser commercials as the top two, but can you blame us!? “Lost Dog” had tears welling up in our eyes and causing us to carry our dogs to the barn to simultaneously hug our pups and our horses because love and warm fuzzies and stuff.  UGH.

Have you seen a funny, inspiring, or down right crazy horse commercial we may have missed? Share it with us on Facebook or in the comments down below!