Not Your Average Jods: an Interview with ALYMPIC EQUESTRIAN December 23 2014

Alympic Signature Jods, worn by model Heather at Knollwood Farm

Usually, when you buy a pair of jods, you know what you’re getting - a pair of cotton (or maybe synthetic) pants with knee patches. A good pair might fit like a familiar pair of jeans, and a bad one might feel like you borrowed your dad’s golfing slacks. But typically, you know what you’re getting.

That is, unless you’re talking about ALYMPIC jods.

We’ve been sitting down with our vendors to find out more about what makes their brands and their products unique. We started with Jodi Nelson, founder of Artic Horse, and recently we were lucky enough to have the chance to speak with Autumn Harrier, founder of ALYMPIC EQUESTRIAN.

The Jodhpurs Company: Why did you found ALYMPIC EQUESTRIAN?

Autumn Harrier: As a lifelong equestrian, I live in my jods. From my early years as junior exhibitor, through the amateur ranks, and then as professional, I never found myself completely satisfied with the jods that were currently on the market. Over the years I discovered my friends, colleagues, and clients shared the same concerns as I did regarding our current choice in jods. Something was lacking, and so two years ago I decided to do something about it. I wanted to create an everyday jod that was comfortable, functional, durable, and above all indicative of what equestrians are; athletes.

TJC: What makes your jods unique?

AH: ALYMPIC is the first equestrian clothing brand to take daily wear saddleseat jodhpurs from a casual jean-like style to technical clothing line with an emphasis on athletic performance. We did away with all the zippers, buttons, and snap waist closures and use only athletic activewear performance fabrics to create our jods. ALYMPIC jods are moisture wicking with compression textile technology for anti-fatiguing muscle support and feature a custom designed comfort soft elastic waistband, a feature that is unique to our brand. All of our styles have been field tested and perfected to give the equestrian a flattering fit both in and out of the saddle while still remaining durable to meet our equestrian lifestyle demands.

TJC: What is your business philosophy?

AH: ALYMPIC is an equestrian clothing brand created for the equestrian by an equestrian. We want our customers to feel great in and out of the saddle so that they can train and work as hard as their equine partners. Regardless of your age, body type, or equestrian experience, ALYMPIC jods are a good fit every equestrian. We strive to bring the highest quality, most innovative fabrics, and modern styles to each ALYMPIC collection.

TJC: What was the most difficult roadblock you encountered when getting ALYMPIC started?

AH: I searched tirelessly for over a year to find the right fabric and textile source for ALYMPIC. Making it even more challenging was that I was determined to keep all of ALYMPIC sources United States based companies. After an exhaustive search and prototyping process, I feel very satisfied with the companies and the materials that I have chosen to construct the ALYMPIC brand.

If you're going to spend any time in the barn this winter, be sure to check out ALYMPIC's fleece-lined Warm Winter Lexington Jodhpurs and Signature Jodhpurs, available for adults and kids.