Unique Show Accessories: Why They Matter to Artic Horse December 05 2014 1 Comment

Logo for Artic Horse by Jodi Nelso, makers of custom horse riding accessories

The TJC Team, much like the Elves on your shelves, have been hard at work (and still are) while you have been away at work, school, or even sleeping.  Though we try to not be caught in any compromising locations (classic hand in the cookie jar elf on a shelf), we think it’s time that our audience got to say a fond and resounding, “hello” to the vendors that have been brave enough to sign on with us from the start!  

First up: Artic Horse - a line of show accessories by Jodi Nelson!  We asked Jodi a few questions we thought would be important for you to know about her hair bows, number magnets, lapel magnets, and philosophy.

The Jodhpurs Company Team: Why did you found Artic Horse?

Jodi Nelson: It all started with a hair bow I had purchased at a horse show about 7 years ago.  It was cute, however, pricey.  I looked it over and thought, "I'm going to try to make one of these and sell them at a fair price."  From there came number magnets next lapel magnets, bling ties and whips!

Horse show hair bows by Artic Horse

TJC: Why do you focus on making such unique accessories?


JN: Unique accessories make what I do more intriguing, while most crystal magnets are the standard out there, I love to find pieces that make a one of a kind set that someone will adore!

Horse show number pins by Artic Horse

TJC: What's your business philosophy?

JN: My philosophy is, to create HIGH quality, personalized accessories at a very fair price!!  I take pride in my work!

Horseshoe lapel pin by Jodi Nelson of Artic Horse

TJC: What was the most difficult roadblock you encountered when getting Artic Horse started?

JN: Roadblocks initially would be, getting the word out to people.  Word of mouth is everything in this business!  And, of course, time!

We hope to help Jodi tackle that roadblock with ease and allow Artic Horse to be the household name it deserves to be!  See some of Jodi’s unique items here, and if you don’t see something that you need, be sure to get in touch with us via:  custom@thejodhpurscompany.com to talk about fully customized options!